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SPRING 2021: EBF Cyberconnect meetings

Due to anticipated continued COVID-19 travel restrictions,
the EBF will host 4 interactive training days / workshops in Spring 2021.
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On 23 and 24 March, the 1st EBF Cyberconnect Event of 2021 was a Training Day on managing the Practical Aspects of Immunogenicity.  With experience increasing in industry and with regulators, and considering the rapidly growing regulatory requirements, the EBF provided practical tools to help manage the daily challenges and provide value added scientific solutions for  immunogenicity questions coming to the bioanalytical lab.

All the presentations and the final agenda can be found (as downloadable PDF) on the EBF home page via this link: https://e-b-f.eu/conferences/past-conferences-2/  (scroll down to “EBF Focus Workshops + Training Days – Slides & Programs”)

The meeting was organised as a non-sponsored non-profit event by the EBF vzw
Scientific Organising Committee: Michaela Golob (Nuvisan), Joanne Goodman (AstraZeneca), Robert Nelson (Covance), Kyra Cowan (Merck KGaA), Roland Staack (Roche) and Philip Timmerman (EBF)